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I've noticed since the early summer months that EVERYONE driving has just completely lost their minds! When COVID seclusion started in mid-March, the roads were EMPTY! It was like the world was coming to an end, and actually, it was NICE to be on the wonderful roads of our beautiful garden state!

I just don't understand it lately though, it seems as if everyone has to get to where they're going like 2 hours ago...am I wrong? Everyone is in a rush...including me, but I'm not psychotic. I've been cut off a zillion times and nearly sideswiped about 800 times. So what's the rush folks? What scares me is the people FLYING up and down the GSP! They pass you like you're standing still! Which brings me to this, my five most common phrases uttered while driving the GSP:

Are you *blanking* kidding me????

For the love of God, KEEP RIGHT, PASS LEFT!

GO HOME (NY & PA plates)!!!

Sweet baby Jesus, am I on the Daytona 500 track?


Do you agree? Share your choice words with me, please, let me know that I'm not alone and I'm not crazy!!


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