Do you need more than the shore?  Do you love our lakes?  In New Jersey, there are over 1,700 of them.  As they get ready to freeze over, I find myself getting curious about them.  Ever wonder what the biggest lake in New Jersey is?  The deepest?  The cleanest?  The best for fishing?  I got the answers for you right here. 

Photo by Emma Harper on Unsplash
Photo by Emma Harper on Unsplash

The Biggest Lake In New Jersey

I actually grew up going to this lake all the time.  My mom taught herself how to sail a boat so well on this lake that she bought one.  Summers at Lake Hopatcong consisted of a little red bar named “The Cove” where a Shirly temple would be calling my name.  

Lake Hopatcong is about nine miles long and it has lots of places to eat, and watersport rentals like water skiing, and wakeboarding too.  For over 150 years New Jersey has had tons of fun here.

What Is The Deepest Lake In New Jersey

That title goes to Merrill Creek Reservoir in Warren County.  Still waters run deep, in fact as deep as 225 feet.  You’ll find this spot in Harmony Township.

What Is The Cleanest Lake In New Jersey

In a town called Shamong, New Jersey you’ll find Atsion Lake and it is incredibly clear.  It is located by Wharton State Forest.

There is also a guide to the best places to fish in New Jersey and you can see that here.
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