Every Saturday night we wage a fierce battle during the Slaughterhouse entitled the the Metal Meltdown. We take 2 bands, musicians or songs, pit them against each other and YOU decide the winner by casting your vote!This week's battle celebrates the music of one of our very own dj's that you hear every night here on the Hawk, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, Mr. Alice Cooper. We're putting two of his classic songs against each other and your vote will help which song your hear next week on the Slaughterhouse.

First up, from the classic album Welcome to My Nightmare, it is the song "Black Widow."

Going up against "Black Widow" is one of Alice's more recent hits, off the album Hey Stoopid and used int he classic comedy Wayne's World,  it's the tune "Feed My Frankenstein."

2 great Alice Cooper songs, only one can be victorious. Who will win this week's Metal Meltdown?

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