Jim Morrison would have turned 68 years old today.  Born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida, he was the son of a Naval Officer and therefore moved around a lot as a child, experiencing life as a "military brat".

As an Air Force brat  myself, I can relate to growing up in a constantly changing environment and  it can create a sense of never really being "home" no matter where you settle down due to those early years of always being on the move. Was that part of the reason Jim was such a restless spirit?  Maybe.

He was brilliant, too, and mysterious, and unpredictable, and tending not to want to keep Little Jim hidden. Making him, of course, the perfect rock-star/frontman--bold, outrageous and with a powerful voice and charismatic charm that could carry it all off.

He was also the perfect representative of the 60's, pushing the envelope on what was acceptable to society, snubbing his nose at authority, endlessly fascinated with exploring the boundaries of the mind and spirit.

Jim wasn't just the singer for the Doors, of course.  He was a poet.  So to pay homage to that side of Jim's personality, instead of a music video, I offer you (below) Jim in his "spoken word" incarnation.

Close your eyes and go back in time for a moment to the days of free-form FM radio and tune into to something you might have stumbled upon on the airwaves of a now long-gone radio station...enjoy the journey...if he speaks it, we will come (hear it).  And at least some of us won't have any idea what he's talking about.  Mr. Mojo Risin': still as mysterious as ever.