Thrillist is out with another great list!  This time, they are recommending you visit certain American cities with NFL teams!

Thrillist is basing their research on what each city has to offer besides football...

Here's what they say about our local cities... As always, keep in mind the two New York teams listed actually play in New Jersey...  That doesn't stop the website from reviewing NYC instead....

14. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Eagles
As a nation, we have a tendency to reduce Philadelphia to this caricature composed solely of cheesesteak- and Yuengling-scented WIP callers engaging in some casual afternoon drive-time racism before heading out to prepare for their nightly bar fights. This criminally overlooks the fact that Philly has a restaurant scene few cities can touch, an abundance of delicious and affordably priced pretzels, and a bunch of super-friendly people who will happily take your picture next to the ROCKY statue even though you're acting like a damn tourist. Only thing is, well, those aforementioned people still exist, too.

7. New York, NY

New York Jets and New York Giants 
New York is the city equivalent of one of those claw-crane machine hand games -- it has all these plush and fancy-looking things that look like they're available to everyone, and so you spend your money to go there and then you come to find out that ALL OF THE NICE STUFF IS ESSENTIALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET UNLESS YOU ARE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY OWNS A CLAW-CRANE MACHINE BUSINESS. But you come so damn close to winning those prizes and they seem so attainable that you just keep pumping money into it. This usually goes on for people's entire 20s and early 30s, until they give up playing the machine and move to Jersey to eat tomato pies in peace.

But in all seriousness, there's a feeling that goes along with being in New York that just isn't replicable anywhere else. It's almost like a country unto itself, which makes comparing it to other places extremely difficult. Kind of like safely handling fireworks. Sorry, JPP.

San Diego is their #1 pick, but my favorite is LA...

13. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Rams 
Good God, LA has a football team again?

Source: Thrillist

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