When Joe Judge took over the Giants, he promised to deliver a team that would "punch people in the nose for 60 minutes. Instead, what he and the team have delivered to their fans is more like a slap in the face.

The team has gone 10-23 since then and after watching the last six games, which have been blowout losses, what Judge has delivered so far is a slap in the face to the fans. But he's not the only one.

The Giants allowed general manager Dave Gettleman, who amassed a 19-46 record, which was the worst in franchise history since the dark days of 1973-76, to retire. Keep in mind, his predecessor Jerry Reese, whom I was no fan of but had a record of 91-85 in 11 seasons including 2 Super Bowl championships, was fired in the middle of the 2017 season.

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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In the statement put out by the Giants on Gettleman's retirement, there was no mention of his record or accomplishments as general manager. Instead they say:

"We would like to thank Dave for his commitment to this franchise," Mara and Tisch said in a joint statement. "He has had a highly accomplished 35-year career in the National Football League. Dave was integral in building three of our Super Bowl teams, including two championship teams"

Gettleman was the Giants pro personnel director from 1999-2012, but that's not what this is about. It's about the Giants thinking so little of their fans that they would feed us this crap.

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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Joe Judge thinks so little of the Giants fans that he would go on after said blowout losses telling us how improved he thinks the team is and how much players love what's going on with him, so much so that some who left for more money wish they were here. Jay Glaser has a different take

Newsflash: There's also a ton of frustration outside the Giants locker room. But it doesn't matter. This team is going to do whatever it wants and feed us whatever BS they want, starting with a medium Pepsi if you were crazy enough to buy season tickets after paying for personal seat licenses. Much better to spend your money on a nice big-screen television. Then, when you've had enough, you could just change the channel instead of making that long drive home in stadium traffic.

So where does this Giants saga end? Who knows but it doesn't matter. The true fans like myself will be here with our faces totally exposed. The only thing we can do to make it less painful is to turn the other cheek.
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