I've seen this about a dozen times on my Facebook Newsfeed the past week or two.

Varacchi via facebook.com

My first reaction was that it was just dumb. I've done secret Santas before with a group of friends, in college if we were too poor to buy something for everyone we just got together and drew names from a hat. But the thing is, if there were 10 of us in the group, everybody just got ONE name. How would signing up for this "Secret Sister" thing results in "6-36 gifts in return" ?

I don't pick fights on facebook, so rather than call my friends out on this fact, I just let it go. Lately though, I've noticed more people commenting that the entire thing might be a scam, or a hoax, and most likely illegal.

Here's a tip for everything in your life: CHECK SNOPES FIRST.  The website addressed the viral craze, and said it's basically a modern version of the old-fashioned chain letter. They also cited the US Postal Service and pointed out that chain letters are illegal.

If you want to do a Secret Santa, just get some friends, and stop clogging up my NewsFeed.

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