Today I spent a few hours at the Roman Catholic Visitation Church on Mantoloking Rd in Brick.

To see once again the outpouring of generosity in our community, is absolutely heart warming.

One of the things that stood out today is all the children who are helping out. Kids ranging from 6 year old to teenagers were serving food to people in need. They were helping carrying donations from cars to the church, or they were just folding clothes.

If you can, take your kids/grandchildren down to the recovery sites, and let them see what goes on. People helping people is a valuable life lesson, and it will stay with them for years to come.

The Visitation church this weekend is still offering meals to those in need. Also they are asking the community to stop sending clothes. They are very appreciative, but they have so much. Gift cards are accepted and cash donations will go directly to the families in need.

Visitation Church is located at 755 Mantoloking Road in Brick, NJ

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