According to The Patch, the Philadelphia Phillies will be allowing fans into Citizens Bank Park at full capacity on June 12th. That day, the Phils will be playing the New York Yankees and I know fans are excited to see both teams play, so to be at full capacity will be so awesome. On the same day, tailgating will once be allowed again at Citizens Bank Park. Regular tickets and season tickets will be sold soon and if fans are a little worried still, there are socially distanced seating options available.

Before the my pregnancy and the pandemic, my friends and I went to Yankees games all the time. We always went every year for my friend Shaun's birthday, and we would always take my Dad at least once a year, and then we'd usually go to a few more games in the season. It's something I looked forward to. Putting on my Yankees jersey, having drinks, eating a big bucket of chicken fingers inside the stadium and watching the Yankees play. It was always such a great time. tailgating definitely made the entire experience so much better. There's no way I would pay the beer prices inside the stadium. I would drink as much as I could at the tailgate, and then I usually only buy food inside the stadium. The food is expensive too, but the bucket of chicken fingers and fries are so worth it. I am looking forward to actually going to some more Yankees games this summer. I am so ready to move on from this pandemic and get back to normal.

Why I think Wawa is as Great as Kate Winslet Says

A few days ago, a story came out about Kate Winslet visiting a Wawa for the first time. While filming 'Mare of Easttown' in Pennsylvania, she visited a Wawa and described it as "mythical." She wanted to visit a Wawa since it was something she felt she needed to know to get into her character who is from Pennsylvania.
Some people, may think that the Wawa is mediocre and not all it's cracked up to be. I think those people are wrong. Here's why I think Wawa is the bomb. 

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