Tax Day

Tax Day Freebies 2017
While the government sucks away most of your money, you can take advantage of some deals and get a few things for free!
NJ Tax Payers Have a Few Extra Days to File This Year
Normally you have to have your taxes filed by April 15th! (that would be tomorrow)
However.....this year, you have a few extra days! So if you are a procrastinator (like me), you can breathe a sigh of relief. You have until Monday 4/18 to get your taxes done...
Tax Day Freebies 2015!
Every year businesses give us a bit of a break on Tax Day by offering some freebies or discounts. Check them out here!  If we missed any, leave a comment!
ACK!! Tax Day! What Kind Of Taxpayer Are You? [POLL]
A lot of good a couple of days extra this year did for the tax filing procrastinators...especially with this beautiful Jersey Shore summer-like weather!!
Do you get your taxes done as soon as you can or are you like me and wait until the last minute because you just hate doing them?
Tax Day Freebies!
The ever-thoughtful IRS gave everyone a two-day break this year, making taxes due April 17th.  If you haven't gotten everything done yet and are stressing out, here are some businesses that are giving you something free to help you relax.
Taxes Due Tuesday April 17th
Yes you are reading it correctly. Taxes are due this year on Tuesday April 17th because of the fact that April 15th falls on a weekend. Actually that's not the entire reason. Monday April 16th is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. Who knew right...