Delicious! The Jersey Shore’s Most Underrated Pork Roll Sandwich Is Made In Manasquan, New Jersey
Let me make it clear before all hell breaks loose, at the Jersey Shore we call it Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham. I say, Pork Roll, my sisters say, Pork Roll, my parents say, Pork Roll. Everyone I know says, Pork Roll, besides my goofball North Jersey buddy who takes pride in saying, Taylor Ham. He's also one of those people who think Monmouth County is in South Jersey. "North Jersey Matt" is one of my best friends but he's also an idiot! Yes, I will make sure he gets the link to this article...
Gnarly! Belmar, New Jersey Get’s Nationally Recognized By Men’s Journal Magazine
May 18th is my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better start to the day. I woke up early, squeezed into my wetsuit, and watched the sunrise while surfing waves. I was even fortunate to see a handful of dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean about 50 yards in front of me. Witnessing happy dolphins is special and it was the perfect birthday present! I was at my normal Belmar 20th Ave. surfing spot and it was simply one of those mornings that makes you feel thankful to be living at the Jersey Shore. With that, a HUGE congratulations to Belmar for being nationally recognized by Men's Journal.
The Jersey Shore’s Ariel! Sandy The Mermaid Is A Perfect Addition For Your Daughters Summer Party
Young New Jersey entrepreneurs deserve to be recognized. I was recently scrolling through Facebook and I saw something that many of you would not only appreciate but also you can possibly invite this special someone to your daughter/granddaughter's summer party. Just make sure you don't invite Ursula! With that, I am excited to get the word out about Sandy The Mermaid, she is the Jersey Shore's Ariel!
Delicious! There’s A New Cereal Infused Ice Cream Shop On Jenkinson’s Boardwalk In Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
I started the week writing about a Mexican restaurant that just opened on Jenkinson's Boardwalk. It's called Cantina and it will easily be a beachgoer favorite this summer. Think about it, on a hot summer day, you want to find some shade, what's better than drinking a frozen margarita and eating tacos?! Now, after a tasty Mexican meal, for dessert, you can make your way to a brand new cereal-infused ice cream shop!

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