Sea Bass

[PHOTOS] Hooky With The Hawk Aboard Miss Barnegat Light
We had a great time once again aboard the Miss Barnegat Light yesterday for our 2nd annual fishing trip.
Once again I joined forty Hawk listeners to do some fishing for fluke.
We did catch as many "keepers" as we would have liked, but it was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun..…
Play Hooky and Go Fishing With The Hawk
All this week and next, Andy Chase has your chance for you to win your way on to the Miss Barnegat Light, and do some fishing with the Hawk on Tuesday, August 20th. The boat leaves Barnegat Light at 8 a.m.
Last year was a lot of fun. The crew is great, so even if you're a novice, you can still j…
Sea Bass Bomb Detonates Sunday
The sea bass season re-opens this Sunday, and if catch ‘n toss ‘em action on the party and charter boats the past two to three weeks is an indication, it will be a rip-snorting rod bender.