Throwback Thursday- Asia: Only Time Will Tell [VIDEO]
We played this song during the "5 O'clock Happy Ending" this afternoon.
I love this song, BUT every time I hear it, I can't get the thought of the music video from out of my head. It's an awful (but an amazing) video.
Why is there a girl doing gymnastics throughout the…
Music Videos From the 80’s [3 VIDEOS]
We were talking on the radio today about videos from the 80's. Some were good. Some were downright bad.
David Lee Roth had a lot of videos on MTV once he went solo from Van Halen. Most of his videos had a funny little skit, and half naked girls. "Yankee Rose" was one of those v…
Manti Te’o – Do you care? [POLL]
Was Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te'o a victim of a hoax? Did he make up the story of his girlfriend dying from Leukemia just a few hours after his grandmother passed away just for publicity? Did he even have a girlfriend? Do you even care? Click "Read More" and take our poll please