Kurt Cobain

Onstage Tirades by Some of the Biggest Rock Bands [VIDEO] [NSFW]
Caught on camera are some of the biggest tirades and rants by Paul Stanley, Axl Rose, Eddie Vedder, Courtney Love, and more during their concerts. Wow wow wow...Such language!!!! You might want to make sure the kiddies are out of the room when playing this video, or make sure earmuffs are handy...
Death of Kurt Cobain Re-Examined
The news broke yesterday afternoon that the death of Kurt Cobain was being re-examined and fans went into a frenzy, but although there has been some activity surrounding the case, it's not being reopened.
Last Days [Celluloid Hero]
Today would have been Kurt Cobain's 47th birthday, and for that [Celluloid Hero] brings you the "fictional biopic" from Gus Van Sant, "Last Days".