Twenty years on, the police in Seattle are releasing a death note found at Kurt Cobain's suicide scene, which is either darkly humorous or damning to Courtney Love.

The release of the note is part of of their ongoing, fresh look into the incident and also because the Seattle Police Department received a Freedom of Information Act request.

The note (below), according to, was found tucked inside his wallet when his body was discovered from an apparent suicide on April 5, 1994.

It's unknown at this time when Cobain authored the note (or even if he actually did, although the handwriting seems to be a match).

The note reads in part (see below):

“Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife, even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all (your) money for doping and whoring…”

To be sure, the two had a sometimes publicly acrimonious relationship, but in Cobain's actual suicide note, he said the following:

“I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy,” and implores her, “Please keep going Courtney, for [our daughter] Frances.”

Seattle Police Department
Seattle Police Department