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Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon Countdown Has Begun!
I know it's only July, but the Radiothon will be here before we know it. It's just a few months away!!
We have created a countdown clock right here on the website so you can count the days along with me until I am sleeping high atop the Billboard in the Target/Lowes Shopping Center in Toms River to h…
2017 Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is Coming!
Yup!! It's only 117 days away but who's counting really!
I know it's only June, but the reason why I am mentioning this now is that we had our first meeting today to start planning for this year's Radiothon.
So....The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon will be happening Monday, Octo…
Watch Andy Chase Locked Up For Ocean of Love Jail-A-Thon
I was in "jail" for about an hour or so at the Ocean County Mall while I had to raise $500 bail towards Ocean of Love. Big thanks to everyone that pitched in and helped me get out of jail and raise a lot of money for Ocean of Love.
Here are some highlights from earlier today...
Andy Chase is Being Locked Up….Again!
Once again I am being locked up for CMS Jail-a-Thon to raise money for Ocean of Love, and I need your help to raise my bail of $500.
The Jail-a-Thon is this Friday, 5/12, at the Ocean County Mall and I will be getting locked up starting at 12:15p...