A number of tornadoes swept through the western portion of South Jersey on Wednesday night.

The tornadoes were a result of the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Luckily, no fatalities have yet been reported. With more and more information becoming readily available as the day goes on, it's looking like Salem, Gloucester, and Burlington counties were impacted the most. Judging by various photos and videos circulating social media, they were certainly the areas hit the hardest.

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As of now, there are two known tornadoes that touched down in South Jersey on Wednesday night that caused an insane amount of damage. A tornado followed a path through Mullica Hill and into Wenonah in Gloucester County. Viral photos and video of another tornado passing through the Burlington Bristol Bridge also confirm that there were more than one that plagued the area.

As a result, it is now being reported that the National Weather Service is sending out surveyors to determine just how many tornadoes impacted the South Jersey region on September 1st. The NWS's Mount Holly office has confirmed that various teams of analysts will scan over radar as well as observe all the damage caused by Wednesday night's weather to determine whether it was storm-related or due to a tornado.

It's because of the various social media images and videos catching the attention of the folks at the National Weather Service that the investigation is even happening. The only tornado officially confirmed so far is, apparently, the one that touched down in Mullica Hill. However, since there are multiple videos showing even more funnels, it was deemed necessary to dig a little deeper into the damage to find out even more information.

You can read about what the folks from the National Weather Service are going to be looking out for HERE.

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