A grassroots effort by the nationwide group Citizens for Self-Governance to help re-define federal government continues to gain traction across the country and one New Jersey Senator is voicing his support.

Convention of States (courtesy Dan Gilligan, COS)
Convention of States (courtesy Dan Gilligan, COS)

Shore Senator Bob Singer is one of the sponsors of a resolution to add New Jersey among the list of states supporting a National Constitutional Convention of States.

"One of the key factors is the term limitation," said Singer.

He believes one way to keep new ideas flowing is by issuing term limitations for elected officials across government.

"People get set there and have clogged the system up for years and continue to do so," said Singer.

Changes can be made, he noted, by establishing such policy but said the path towards obtaining the goals of this movement won't be an easy one.

"You have to change the constitution based on the ruling of the United States Supreme Court," said Singer. He explained, "Based on the constitution there are no term limits."

Singer added, "I want to see change, new ideas coming in, new thinking."

Term limits are just one of the issues that sparked a movement for a Convention of States and it's something Singer said he feels needs to take shape.

"If they know they're there for a short period of time, they're going to do the work of the people as opposed to worrying about getting re-elected," said Singer.

He said he believes that has been one of the major issues concerning elections.

"When you have two year terms for Congress, they're running every other year," said Singer. He added, "Their entire focus is 'what do I have to do to get re-elected?' as opposed to 'what do I have to do to fix the problems facing the country?'."

Singer said he feels the changes being proposed in the resolution need to take shape sooner rather than later.

"Let's get that turnover, let's things change a little bit. I don't want to see the status quo because it doesn't work anymore and I think we have to be realistic and look for a different direction, and that direction is change," said Singer.

Other issues organizers wish to bring up at a possible Convention of States include reductions in federal spending, power and jurisdictions.

"It's very difficult for people to serve in the legislature part-time. You have to have a job that allows you that flexibility," Singer said.

He added, that's where a problem with term limits arises on the state level because they're in session year round.

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