The summer of 2016 looked to be a success around the Shore, but Monmouth County officials and businesses want you to know the fun hasn't reached the finish line just yet.


County officials last week recapped the summer's success points but also gave a preview of activities you can look forward to when the weather becomes too cold to do anything outdoors.

Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider feels like many of you in wishing summer would last just a little bit longer, especially due to the success many local businesses had.

"Three of the last four years since Sandy, we've had our best summers ever," said Schneider. "People want to come here."

Vice President for Barry Hotels, Kevin Barry echoes similar sentiments.

"We've seen a ton of business since Sandy and there's been a lot of support," said Barry. "Companies from all over the country want to come to the Jersey Shore to hold their meetings."

While the success of businesses seemed to thrive this summer, officials in Monmouth County insist, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

"You don't have to leave Monmouth County to have amazing arts experiences," said Danielle Acerra, Community Engagement Manager for the Monmouth County Arts Council.

When enjoying outdoor activities becomes limited with the cold, Acerra explains that it's an ideal time to shop for the arts, especially around the holidays.

"Shopping locally for of art or tickets to a performance keeps our community thriving and makes for really unique gift giving," said Acerra.

Marketing Director for Keansburg Amusements, Katy Johnson is also looking into the summer's rear-view mirror and ahead to all the fun activities families can enjoy.

"Our amusement park has 40 rides," explains Johnson. "We also have numerous games...boardwalk games that are really fun."

No matter what time of year it is, who doesn't enjoy some classic boardwalk food?

Johnson says among the items to satisfy your taste buds include, "your classic french fries, a raw bar, and a hot dog and beer joint called 'The Heidelberg'"

Other family fun events year round include an annual Easter egg hunt in the spring, fireworks on the 4th of July and Mermaid Monday where she says, "you can actually swim with a live mermaid."


  • Wine and Chocolate Festival/4JG’s                                        10/22
  • October Fest in Highlands                                                      10/22
  • Bradley Beach Howl-O-Ween Festival                                   10/29
  • Ocean Grove Halloween Parade                                            10/29


  • Stocking Stuffer Sale at Allaire                                              11/4, 5, 6
  • Woods Hollow Mountain Bike Race/Tatum Pk.                     11/5
  • Fall Craft Show/Ft. Monmouth Recreation Area                   11/12
  • Flea Market at Allaire                                                             11/12
  • Early 19th Century Thanksgiving                                           11/20
  • Spring Lake Christmas Celebration Kick-off                         11/26
  • Keyport Tree Lighting                                                            11/26
  • Bradley Beach Tree Lighting                                                 11/27


  • Belmar Christmas Tree Lighting                                            12/2
  • Spring Lake Christmas Inn Tour                                            12/3
  • Allaire Christmas Lantern Tours                                            12/3, 10, 16, 17
  • Count Basie Holiday Doo Wop                                              12/3
  • Christmas at Allaire                                                                12/4, 11, 18
  • Ocean Grove Victorian Holiday Festival                               12/11, 12
  • New Year’s Eve with Southside Johnny                               12/31

A little later this week, we'll see how Ocean County is also extending its tourism reach to year-'round dimensions.

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