There's nothing quite like some delicious homemade Italian Ice on a hot summer day, especially when you're enjoying a day at the Jersey Shore.

Sadly though, it appears as though one of Jersey's most beloved Italian Ice shops is getting ready to close its doors for good.

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When it comes to homemade Italian Ice, Ocean County is no stranger to this delicious treat.

On a hot summer day, it's not uncommon to see a line out the door of places like Ralph's, or Uncle Louie G's, or even Rita's.

Also, you can't talk Italian ice without giving an honorable mention to Polish Water Ice on the Seaside Heights Boardwalks, hands down one of my favorite places to grab a cold treat.

Photo Credit: Buehler
Photo Credit: Buehler

That being said, there is one local Italian Ice Shop that has been cooling off the Jersey Shore for a quarter of a century and announced this week that they're closing their doors for good.

What Beloved NJ Italian Ice Shop Is Closing For Good?

It's the kind of place that serves up homemade Italian ice as well as tons of other frozen favorites like soft serve and sundaes.

It's also the kind of place where you could always expect to find a line.

Granted they do have several locations around the Jersey Shore which is nice, but it appears as though the only location in Ocean County is closing.

According to, Strollo's Lighthouse in Point Pleasant announced that they were closing for good.

It was confirmed on Strollo's Lighthouse Instagram Page.

This comes as a total shock, Strollo's Lighthouse in Point Pleasant was always a popular place to go in the summer!

Summer 2024 just won't be quite the same.

Speaking of summer 2024 though, Strolo's did say on their Instagram page that they're opening a new location this upcoming summer.

No word on an exact location, it looks like they're keeping it pretty under wraps.

Maybe it'll be located right here in Ocean County?

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One can only hope!

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