Wow, so much to talk about! For the record, I am the real deal and not a bandwagon fan by any means. I chose growing up in Baltimore to root for all Philadelphia teams as a child. For the bulk of the last few decades, it has been a decision with more heartache than victories. I was too young to witness the Flyers win a cup and lucky enough to witness two Phillies championships and one Sixers sweep. However, most of the years have been lean and the poor Eagles so often came so close and it always seemed to slip away and fall apart. The heartache makes us Philadelphia diehards bitter, angry and negative, and yet loyal as hell. I will never ever root for another team. These are my losers!

So, here I am last Sunday watching Nick Foles make history and knowing Tom Brady was ready to destroy our dreams once more. The ending had everything that seemed typical of Philadelphia heartache! Another Joe Carter homer? Another offsides not called in overtime giving the Islanders the cup? However, this time would be different and there was a pause after the ball went incomplete. We all gasped! There were no flags and the clock was on double zero! Hundreds of smug memes about never having a “ring” just ended. The Eagles had won the Super Bowl! Let me reword that since it still has not sunk in. The Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl!

As the celebration started minutes later throughout the Delaware Valley, the mainstream sports media took a few images of people creating chaos out of thousands of people celebrating and made that the “norm". Some even made up the illusion that “Philadelphia had burned the city down". That lie I particularly found entertaining since you could see how beautiful the skyline looked as hundreds of thousands saluted the team during the parade Thursday. I realize the fans have done many dumb things over the years (as every other fan base), but it was unfair to take a few selected events and not report the endless celebrations and loyalty the fans and team have for each other. It seemed almost every player and coach thanked the fan base for staying loyal throughout the tough times and being such a positive force on the team. The parade was one of the greatest spectacles I ever watched.

So, as a proud Eagles fan for life, nobody can rain on our parade and what this team accomplished this year. To those who say otherwise, I’m sorry. You are jealous of our championship. You are jealous of the greatest parade ever thrown. You are jealous of the connection the team and its fans have together. And to quote many, “Nobody likes us… And we don’t care!”


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