The Ocean County Justice Complex felt the impacts of the recent frigid temps after a sprinkler pipe froze and burst, causing flooding through parts of the building Monday.

The water was shut off but some damage was already done.

"We had to replace some ceiling tiles, dried and cleaned some carpeting and vacuumed up water from the break," Ocean County Public Information Director Donna Flynn told WOBM News.

The sprinkler pipe is located in the building's outside atrium area.

"The building was closed while the cleanup was underway," said Ocean County Administrator Carl W. Block.

Offices were closed to the public Monday and then re-opened by Tuesday morning.

This latest incident was caused by mother nature whereas a previous one was allegedly caused by an inmate who flooded the complex with fecal matter and urine by trying to flush a jumpsuit down the toilet.

Another incident involving an inmate who caused a problem a couple years ago involved a sprinkler head being toyed with. Warden Sandra Mueller disputed outside media reports of a fire by confirming the inmate's alleged actions to WOBM News in 2016.

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