Remember, Jack's Tavern? Many Belmar locals, including myself, wish it was still around. The LIVE music was great, the food was solid, and how can anyone forget about the freshly squeezed screwdrivers?

Right now in late August of 2021, the vacant building on 10th ave is getting a facelift, and to be honest, I have no idea what's going on?!

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I was walking out of Federici's the other night, which by the way, Federici's makes one of the best pizzas at the Jersey Shore... anyway, I was walking out of the restaurant and I saw a construction site inside and outside of the old Jack's Tavern building. There still needs to be a lot of work to be done, but it honestly looks great! Whatever is going to be there next will be an awesome addition for downtown Belmar...

Before reading what might be going there... Check out how amazing a Federici's pizza pie looks...

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So what's being built inside and outside of the old Jack's Tavern building?

I am not a Journalist in this situation because I literally have no idea. I did my best doing research and I haven't found anything with a signed contract. Hopefully, you can help! One of the construction workers outside of the building told me it was going to be a sports bar. However, many locals have said that the Beach Haus Brewery owners bought the building and plan to make a microbrewery. Maybe a microbrewery sports bar? Others have said the owners at 9th Ave Pier bought the building and hope to make it a bar? Does Belmar have enough bars?

Do you know the details?

UPDATE: "They are bringing it back as "Jack's By The Tracks". I just did the first batch of T-Shirts for them. The People from the New McCann's (at the golf course) are going to be managing it. They very much want to bring back the neighborhood vibe of the original."  - Thank you to Jerome Beckman for the information!

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