Calling all food challenge enthusiasts!!!

If you can handle the types of foods that are so hot that your shirt is drenched in sweat, your eyes are watering and you can't feel your face... If you've ever seen brave/foolish people on TV or YouTube who become barely able to speak, but are just coherent enough to beg for a glass of milk, and you thought: "Psh. I could do that." This is for you.

Kyuramen ramen restaurant in Cherry Hill NJ claims to have the SPICIEST ramen noodles in New Jersey. And if you can handle it, you'll get free food!

Now until August 31, if you can beat the Spicy Ramen Challenge, you'll win FREE ramen for a week! (Although, after a bowl of this stuff, you might pass!)

This spicy ramen bowl is diabolically made with Carolina Reaper Peppers. And if you can finish the bowl in 9 minutes or less without taking a drink, you win! If you win, you'll get a spot on their hall of fame, and one free daily bowl of ramen for seven days, according to And of course, bragging rights.

This is the perfect attraction for food vloggers and influencers, as you can see from this Instagram post from user @modelvsfood!

Think you can handle it? Gather up your strength and get in there before the last day of the offer!

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