The South Jersey Shooting Club is weighing in on the on-going issue of NFL protests with a billboard that has been erected along Route 73 in Voorhees and near routes 73 and 130 in Pennsauken.

MoNeke Ragsdale, a member of South Jersey Women for Progressive Change, saw the billboard and posted a picture to Twitter, saying "Tell them this billboard is racist. Taking a knee is a protest to say NO to police brutality."

nfl anthem protest billboard

(If you can't see that image clearly, it shows an armed soldier kneeling next to the words "The Only Time We Take A Knee...")

Meredith Meisenheimer, another member of the SJWPC, said

I think it mocks and disrespects people taking a knee to protest police brutality. The intent is to move the debate away from police brutality, particularly for people of color, and try to center the discussion around patriotism.

Both Ragsdale and Meisenheimer said they support the gun club's First Amendment right to express their thoughts, but argue that the gun club should also respect the right of the players to take a knee in protest.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Once again, let this be a reminder that this protest is not, and never has been, about "the troops" - it was a veteran of the Army who told Colin Kaepernick that taking a knee during the Anthem was actually a compromise, where he could make his message heard while still remaining respectful.

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