So this past week I received so many messages, tweets and emails about this “mystery” building that I have seen for a long time in Toms River. I even asked the question “Does This Fall Into the Weird New Jersey Category?” Strange oddities here in the Garden State……

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This building is located on Route 37 and for me, someone who didn’t know the background of this location, it was a bit of a mystery. It’s an odd shaped little building and it’s been deserted for as long as I can remember….so you can understand my questioning it’s origination…..or maybe not lol

As it turns out this wasn’t any mystery and it didn’t even have a real unique story. It wasn’t haunted and the Jersey Devil wasn’t born there lol it was simply an abandoned gas station ⛽️ but it was fun finding out and I enjoyed all the feedback and it was great YOU reached out and shared your stories and answers to this mini mystery.

TWITTER: The property that you recently talked about on Route 37 the white building they were talking about could be weird New Jersey used to be a Hess gas station and it's been that way for a long time ~ Sam 

FACEBOOK: The white building on Rt. 37 in Toms River is an old Hess gas station ~ Jeff 

EMAIL: It was a Hess gas station. That all . Back in around 1981 or so I was just out of high school the economy was terrible you couldn’t find a job anywhere I applied there to pump gas. ( didn’t get hired lol) . Interestingly no beards or facial hair was allowed. But that’s all it was a Hess station ~ Don

Thanks everyone for your input and yes it was not “Weird New Jersey” material, but we did solve a mystery and we learned something :)


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