Gordon Ramsay had a whirlwind few days at the Shore, and he's not even done! His production crew has been spotted at Blend in Manasquan. Before he headed north, he took a moment to surprise a fan at school (and donate $10,000 to her medical expenses as she battles cancer).

Now that the dust has settled on his time in Toms River, you may be wondering "what exactly did he do for The White Rooster?" If you've seen his show, you know it's a crash course in renovation, whipping a floundering restaurant back into shape in just one day.

Owner Patty Caneda took to Facebook for a live video to answer questions, and give details on what Chef Ramsay did to help.

Sorry - the video has been removed, but we'll try to fill in some of the details below!

Caneda said Ramsay's changes include a new interior design, a menu highlighting Cuban flavors, friendlier price points, a new bar and a bright blue exterior.

The White Rooster is serving a limited menu of the new dishes until Tuesday, when the new menu will be unveiled. Caneda said the episode of "24 Hours to Hell and Back" should air some time in February.

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