So we are learning more and more about COVID as we pay attention to long term trends and this bit of news should stress pot heads out but you're probably too relaxed for that to be the case. I'll share the findings with you anyway...

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A new study shows that one is more likely to contract a breakthrough case of COVID if they are a regular marijuana or alcohol user. By the way, let me define "a breakthough" case of COVID...a breakthrough case is when a person who has been fully vaccinated, still gets infected with COVID after the two week mark of that second vaccination.

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse funded the study (which was published in medical journals last week).  They found that your odds of getting a breakthrough case of COVID is about 3.6 percent without drug and alcohol use but it rises to 7 percent if you do.

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In fact, the study showed marijuana users are at the greatest risk for breakthrough cases with a 7.8 percent chance of getting COVID.  Could it be because people are puffing and passing?  Is it a chemical in the actual marijuana itself?  We don't know the answers to that yet. Stress is clearly bad for the immune system and marijuana reduces that, alcohol may as well (at least temporarily) but maybe there's a behavioral reason that people are catching COVID once their guard is let down?  In any event I just wanted to let you know the findings!  Read more about that here.

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