So are we always in a rush in New Jersey? I think if you ask most people they will tell you yes! Just put it to the test, wait for 5 seconds after a light turns green without moving and someone will be sure to remind you (beep beep) “let’s move it!”

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I get it, who wants to move slow and creep along at a “vacation” pace…..we have things to do and places to go! But do we?

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Part of the problem I think is the fact that New Jersey is such a densely populated state. According to Google “for every square mile of NJ territory, there is an average of 1,195.5 people, which makes it the most densely populated state in the US. New Jersey is the only state to have every single county considered "urban" by the Census Bureau.”

According to the top three most populated states in America are Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey. For us here in the Garden State they say jobs may be part of the population problem.

So is that why everyone is in a rush …. to get to work? Thank goodness I come in to work at 4 am and beat the rush! Is that why you always see traffic backed up on the Garden State Parkway around 5 pm…..everyone leaving work? Has the Coronavirus Pandemic reduced the workforce actually going to work? Have you seen less traffic?

Here in Jersey we don’t have time to chat we gotta get moving! Whether it’s grabbing a coffee or heading to the beach….it’s a fast track simulation in New Jersey. I’ve asked the question before “what is the actual speed limit on the GSP” and I know it’s 65 mph, on average, but everyone seemed to have their own interpretation lol and I know some was in jest, but we know we are in a hurry lol

I have been doing the “Jersey Sprint” all my life and now to be honest I’m taking a breath and slowing down…..yes I know I can hear you “beeping” already lol but let’s take a moment each day to slow down 😃

  • Kathy: “Yes why I have no idea!! We don’t win a prize if we get there first!!”
  • Pam: “We’re from New Jersey. Enough said
  • Nick: “Just going faster to get no where quicker

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