I wouldn’t normally peg new jersey as one of the healthiest places in the entire country.  This isn’t a knock on our beloved Garden State.  I honestly wouldn’t put any states in the northeast at the healthiest.  

Few reasons, I equate health with activity.  Maybe I’m completely wrong with that.  

As a young adult, I made my move from a career in northern new jersey and made my way south.  The last five years were spent, literally, in the heart of Texas.

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We were, to say the least, active.  Far more active than we were in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Fitsum Admasu, Unsplash
Fitsum Admasu, Unsplash

So when I think healthiest states, I think south.  

There’s just something about being able to take a walk or go for a run, then celebrate Christmas.  

We just moved to back to the area and to the Jersey Shore in November.  This area not only gets cold but it gets damp. 

Spending only five years in Texas, it was really hard to adjust and I felt the laziest I have ever felt.  

Now that the sun is shining, and it's warmer, I’m starting to feel a little more normal.  

According to US News and World Report. We had two New Jersey Counties, ranked healthiest communities in the entire nation. 

Two of which, were in the top 50.  Listen, that’s huge.  

Here were some of the criteria population health, education, housing, food, and nutrition scores.  

These Two New Jersey Counties were named Healthiest in the entire nation.

The first county on the list is Morris County ranking 16th.  Scoring high with education and economy.  The median household income of Morris County is over $101,000.  Their nutrition index hit a high of 92.

Dan Gold, Unsplash
Dan Gold, Unsplash

Second, on the list for New Jersey, is Hunterdon County.  Ranking at number 27, Hunterdon ranked high in education, food and nutrition, population, and public safety.  Although the economy did well, opportunities in this county seem to be lacking.

Where did the Jersey Shore Communities rank?

Where did Ocean and Monmouth County rank as the healthiest?  Monmouth County clocked in at #256 while Ocean County, New Jersey didn't make the top national list.


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