On Thursday May 3rd, Six Flags Great Adventure will be open exclusively to children with autism and their families.

People with autism often suffer from sensory overload, so all the noise and lights and action of a normal day at a theme park can be overwhelming. While it's impossible to remove all sounds and lights from the park, everything will be toned down in an effort to make things as comfortable as possible.

  • Designated decompression areas, stocked with sensory-friendly items like iPads, will be set up throughout the park.
  • Adjustments to the lights and music making it friendlier for the day of the event.
  • Special presentations throughout the day from high-profile professionals in the field of autism.
  • In addition to Six Flags staff, a limited number of highly-trained special education staff from the Gersh Academy will be available throughout the park all day to assist families in whatever they may need.

Custom Education Foundation, the Gersh Academy, and Six Flags Great Adventure are working together to help those on the autism spectrum enjoy the park.

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