Last month, The Jersey Shore and Northeast dodged a bullet that was Hurricane Matthew.

Unfortunately, residents in North Carolina weren't as lucky where 28 deaths occurred, close to 100,000 homes and businesses were damaged, and officials are estimating that damages will cost an estimated $1.5 billion dollars.

Since the News outlets pretty much have only focused on the presidential race, most people across the country don't know about the extent of the damage sustained from the Hurricane in North Carolina.

They are asking for donations to help out families in North Carolina that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew.  Silverton Volunteer Fire Company#1 wants to give back after all the help they received after Hurricane Sandy.

Donations will be used to provide gift cards, and supplies to those in need. For a $10 donation through their PAYPAL account, you can sponsor a bucket of supplies or a clean blanket for victims as the weather turns colder this time of year.

You can mail your donation to the firehouse, or stop by the firehouse in person at 15 Kettle Creek Road, Toms River, NJ

Click here for more info, or call

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