It has certainly been a busy season on the Jersey Shore for whale, dolphin, and shark sightings on the Jersey Shore this summer and fall.

There have been so many images and videos taken from the shoreline and boats of these amazing creatures.

Just last week, Varacchi posted an article about a smaller Great White Shark, Martha who "pinged" off the Jersey Shore at the end of September.

Actually I shouldn't call Martha "smaller" because she probably could have me for dinner in about 5 minutes flat, registering at 7 feet and just under 200 pounds.

Now let's welcome Andromache to the Jersey Shore. Andromache IS the actual name of our newest Great White Shark, and who is a female shark, that has "pinged" this weekend off the waters of Island State Park around 10 a.m on Saturday morning.

According to the Patch:

OCEARCH had tagged the 10-foot-8-inch female Aug. 9 in Cape Cod for the organization's Expedition Massachusetts 2020. She's named after the Greek character of the same name who is a symbol of maternity, strength and courage.


Andromache joins the "Jersey Shore Great White Shark Club", along with Brunswick, a relatively tiny fella, weighing in at 8'9", 431 pounds. There is also big boy Ironside, a 12', 998 pound shark who pinged near Barnegat. We have Caroline, a 12-foot-9-inch, 1,348-pounder who pinged about seventy miles off the coast of Seaside Heights. The aforementioned Miss May has made a few annual appearances around Independence Day. And of course, the biggest baddest most legendary shark, Mary Lee, reached 16 feet, 3,400 pounds.

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