When the Sixers played the Lakers a week ago on TNT, NBA Hall of Fame center, Shaquille O'Neal went viral with comments he made about Ben Simmons not playing this season.

"The difference between (Embiid) and his soft partner (Simmons) is he can take criticism without being a crybaby, me and Charles (Barkley), we've been on him," Shaq said.

"He didn't cry. He didnt say I want to be traded or complain about mistreatment.  That's the difference, that's why I like and respect him.  The other guy I don't respect him, I would get rid of him."

Well apparently Simmons didn't take to kindly to Shaq giving him the business, reaching out to O'Neal's DM's to voice his displeasure.

Speaking on The Big Podcast, Shaq said that Simmons DM'd him after that segment on TNT.

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O'Neal states that he is unhappy with Simmons because he is "messing the money up", stating that NBA fans already think the players are spoiled and make too much money.

"You're making $40 million and the only reason you aren't playing is because your coach called you out," O'Neal stated. "You're making us look bad."

Shaq went on to explain how it dealt with similar scrutiny during his career because of his poor free throw shooting.  He stated that many times media members asked his coaches if they thought they could win with Shaq playing in the fourth quarter of games.

"He's acting like a baby," Shaq stated.

Now Shaq would not divulge the extent of what Simmons said, saying that he can't do that to Simmons.

O'Neal did say that he did respond to Simmons, saying: "You're leaving your man out there, you need to return to play".

Shaq mentioned that he would not elaborate on what Simmons said in response.

Shaq did acknowledge that Simmons was mad at his comments, because they both went to LSU.  O'Neal did that Simmons said that the stuff that is happening in Philadelphia is not his fault and that Shaq doesn't know what he is talking about, in regards to the situation with the Sixers.

Shaq went on to explain that he spent a lot of time in the league arguing about whose team it was, instead of winning eight or nine titles with Kobe Bryant.

"I spoke to Philadelphia and said, don't fight for useless titles, fight for each other.  When its all said and done, you don't want to be saying, I wish I could have."

Shaq ended by saying that Simmons went to LSU and he cares about him and wants to see Simmons and all these young players succeed.

Stay tuned to see if Simmons DM's him back.

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