So this afternoon, Joyce, the receptionist at the Hawk, told me that a listener called and left a message for me regarding "The Lovely" Christina. The message was "Get a room!". LOL

So my brain immediately though about The Loop in Avenel, NJ. I'm not saying that the Lovely christina and I are even going to go to do this. I am only playing around, but it got me thinking about places like this.

They offer heart shaped beds, Jungle/waterfall rooms, and Champagne Glass shaped Jacuzzi tub that you have to climb a flight of stairs to enter it.








Doesn't this look like fun? I then thought that there has to be closer "theme-roomed" fun motels on the Jersey Shore than Avenel, NJ.

So come on folks.You don't need to share your experiences, (unless you want to) just the places. What are some of the hotels/motels on the Jersey Shore?

Comments below please