There are seven police officers in Monmouth County who went above and beyond the call of duty and their actions are being recognized by The 200 Club of Monmouth County who are presenting them with The Valor Award for bravery and courage.

The awards will be presented personally, with social distancing and masks in effect, by The 200 Club of Monmouth County’s Executive Board Members and Trustees to the recipients, both at their places of work and at their homes.

In all, there are 73 first responders who were honored, including law enforcement officers and EMTs.

The awards include Certificates of Recognition, Commendation Awards, and Merit Awards… all the way up to The 200 Club’s highest award, the Valor Award.

The seven police officers who received Valor Awards are from three different police departments in Monmouth County.

“It is with great honor that we give our highest award, The Valor Award, to seven police officers in Monmouth County in recognition of their extraordinary bravery and courage. They went above and beyond the call of duty, risking their lives to save another… and for that, they have earned and deserve our sincere respect, appreciation, and admiration,” Robert Honecker, President of The 200 Club of Monmouth County said in a statement on Monday afternoon.

Here are the Police Officers who are receiving The Valor Award and their heroic actions.

Corporal Robert Korn, Long Branch Police Department. (The 200 Club of Monmouth County)

Long Branch Police Department Corporal Robert Korn responded to a domestic violence incident where a man was “actively attempting to murder his wife” on February 5, 2019.

Corporal Korn was able to pull the man away from the woman and disarm him of two knives.


Manalapan Police Department Patrol Officer Kyle Williams was assigned to a mutual aid detail in Asbury Park to assist with large crowds on July 4, 2019.

Manalapan Police Patrol Officer Kyle Williams. (The 200 Club of Monmouth County)

He suddenly heard gunshots and spotted a man holding a gun in a crowd of people.

Officer Williams then chased the fleeing man on foot and managed to get him down on the ground, handcuff him and take possession of the gun.

After encountering, disarming, and detaining the armed man, Officer Williams then tended to a gunshot victim applying a tourniquet in a lifesaving effort.

Marlboro Police Department Lieutenant John Loyer, Patrol Officer Donna Gonzalez, Patrol Officer Adam Mattei, Patrol Officer Colin Murray and Patrol Officer Robert Kelly.

On June 16, 2020, this team of Marlboro Police Officers used a patrol car to separate two vehicles involved in a serious crash where one of the cars was on fire.

They successfully removed an unconscious teenager from the burning car before the vehicle became fully engulfed in flames.

The incident was captured by body cameras.

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The 200 Club of Monmouth County is also issuing the following Awards to other first responders:

  • Merit Awards – 2 incidents with 8 first responders receiving awards.
  • Commendation Awards – 3 incidents with 3 first responders receiving awards.
  • Certificates of Recognition – 21 incidents with 55 first responders receiving awards.

"The 200 Club of Monmouth County’s main mission is to provide financial assistance to families of first responders who die or are seriously injured in the line of duty," Honecker said. "Each year, The 200 Club of Monmouth County also awards college scholarships to deserving children of first responders. This summer, The 200 Club of Monmouth County gave 81 students college scholarships totaling $91,750. To date, The 200 Club has given out more than $2.2 million in college scholarships."

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