"Nobody wants to work."

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That is not a true statement.

No one wants to work for little to nothing and no benefits.


Despite the late hours, one area that can still make you a wad of cash is serving and bartending. The money you can make at a higher-end place at the shore during the peak of Summer is insane.

However, I've noticed a bit of an issue recently whenever I go out to eat.

I want to preface this by saying that I was a server and bartender for many years. I know what it is like.

I also know that serving and bartending in this climate is a bit more volatile.

But this has happened to me at various Ocean & Monmouth County restaurants and I am feeling the need to say something because I've also heard it from other people.

The servers and bartenders move like molasses. I'm not saying all have this issue but I have encountered it many times this Summer already.

If you are new to the job, fine.



If you are not familiar with the business's computer system, I get it.

If you are still getting used to where everything is located, totally understandable.

Customer service is not an easy industry.

But nothing will ever replace that good, old-fashioned hustle while serving customers.

If you forget a side of ranch or a drink refill takes a few extra minutes, customers will be 10X more empathetic if you work with a sense of urgency.

Not only is that how you make more money but that is how you keep your customers happy.

The last three times I went out to eat, I waited at least 30 minutes for the check.

Waiter checking up on his customers


The server would drop off the dessert and fade into the far off distance leaving us full, tired and desperate to leave.

When I did finally spot my server, they were moving at 5 miles per hour. That is when I get agitated.

I am the first to understand what it is like to be SWAMPED!

But you need to be hustling because otherwise it looks like you are taking a stroll through the park while wearing an apron.

Do what you will with this advice and I hope you make bank this Summer.

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