'No soup for you!' The actor who delivered that iconic line on the TV series Seinfeld is making an appearance in Atlantic City this month.

Maybe he can shout it at YOU!


No offense to Kelsey Grammer, who's paid many a visit to A.C., but he's got nothing on Larry Thomas, Seinfeld's famous Soup Nazi, lol.

Who can forget all the Seinfeld characters waiting in line to get their share of Soup Nazi's liquid gold (Mulligatawny, Jambalaya, Crab Bisque), only to have Elaine accidentally find his recipes and put him out of business.

West-Shapiro/Castlerock Entertainment via iMDb
West-Shapiro/Castlerock Entertainment via iMDb

Place your order, take two steps to the left, don't ask questions, pay the lady, and get out. No small talk and definitely no 'schmoopy'ing.

If what you know best in this world is Seinfeld, you can't miss Larry Thomas at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City on Friday, July 21st at 3 p.m.

Who better than the Emmy nominee to help open The Soup Spot, Ocean Casino's new concept eatery.

Ocean Casino Resort/theoceanac.com
Ocean Casino Resort/theoceanac.com

Wow! I wonder if The Soup Spot will operate like Soup Nazi. I might feel too intimidated to visit! Lol.

The Soup Spot at Ocean in Atlantic City is located off the main casino floor across from O-Man.

Thomas' appearance is part of Ocean Casino Resort's 5th birthday festivities.

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