The return of Greg Schiano as head coach of the Rutgers football team comes as no surprise to one Toms River North High School football player.

Nine years ago, a young Zach Goodale went with his dad, Rutgers wrestling coach Scott Goodale, to visit  Schiano and got a Scarlet Knights football helmet signed by Schiano. The message was a prophetic one.

"To Zach, Be back in 2020! Greg Schiano," the message said.

The Rutgers Board of Governors on Tuesday OK'd an eight-year, $32 million deal for the 53-year-old Schiano.

The New Jersey native went 68-67 at Rutgers. He now begins the task of turning around a program that has been on a losing path ever since he left in 2012.

Like predictions by "The Simpsons" episodes that Donald Trump would be elected president, the sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney and the winners of three Super Bowls, the autograph seemingly foretold the future. His dad said it's a fun message but it's just a coincidence.

"I took my son up there when he was 7 and he just signed him a helmet," he said.

"When I sign a little wrestling fan's shirt or a poster, I say 'how old are you' and I sign it 'see you in 2030." It's just kind of what you do," Goodale said.

Zack's mom Lisa said the helmet is kept in its original case with other Rutgers and sports memorabilia.

"Zach would love to play for Coach Schiano and Rutgers," she said of her son, who is a junior.

Scott Goodale said there's a lot of factors to determine if he'll windup on a future Schiano team.

"I know he would love to play for Greg but the ultimate thing is he big enough, fast enough, are they recruiting him, can he go to a smaller school and play? I don't know if Zack's high on their radar," Goodale said.

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