Scammers and criminals are always looking for the next scam to pull off. Scammers will be out in full force now that COVID-19 vaccines are starting to roll out.

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According to the USA Today, warnings are out concerning potential scams when it comes to the hard-to-get vaccine. Scammers are posing as Social Security administrators with the false intent of trying to sig you up for the vaccine. The scam is to get to get sensitive info including names, addresses and bank information. The Social Security Administration would never ask for sensitive information over the phone, email or text or would they ever call you concerning the vaccine. .


According to AARP you should always use trusted sources for the vaccine, never purchase the vaccine online, do not give cash or any kind of payment to any call that is suspicious. You should also be aware of telemarketers and fraudulent texts. Scammer are also going door-to-door with promises of getting you the vaccine.

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