Still soulful after all these years and about to captivate the audience at the Borgata tonight and tomorrow night in two sold-out shows.

And Carlos Santana celebrates his 65th birthday today, born July 20, 1947 in Jalisco, Mexico.

I saw this great musician when the band played a little club in Hartford in the mid-80's, before the big comeback that would happen nearly fifteen years later, when Carlos joined forces with younger artists like Rob Thomas on 1999's Supernatural album.

I wondered, as I stood in that small club mesmerized by the enchanting spell I was under listening to such an emotive and powerful band, how it was that these amazing musicians were playing a tiny venue and pretty much had fallen off the face of the earth.

I kept thinking that Carlos and his band should be filling stadiums and enjoying the adoration of large crowds.

I haven't seen Santana perform live since that night so long ago, but I'm psyched that a dear friend of mine insisted on picking up the tickets for us to check out this great band tonight!

Are you a fan? Have you seen Santana in concert and what did you think?

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