Do you believe in ghosts? More to the point, do you believe the ghosts of dead rock stars hang around concerts where their songs are being played? If so, then add Ronnie James Dio to the list of possible apparitions -- because according to at least one witness, he popped up (quite literally) at a Last in Line show this weekend.

Last in Line is the group featuring ex-Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell, fellow founding Dio members Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell, plus lead singer Andrew Freeman. Together, they perform early Dio material from Campbell's years with the band. They did their first ever concert on Saturday, Aug. 3, at Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif., and when Freeman's brother Raymond looked at the photos later on, he claims he spotted something odd.

"Call me crazy, but it somewhat appears to be Ronnie James Dio just above [Last in Line guitarist] Vivian Campbell," he told Blabbermouth. "Just weird ... Ghost??? Weird lighting??? Not sure, but it's there and pretty creepy."

Ray then took to his Facebook page to say Ronnie channeled himself through Ray's brother (the Last in Line frontman):

The moment Ronnie dio came through this past the video...right when vinny goes to long on the snare fill...look at my brother's face....that's dio....channeling through my bro who I have now tagged Di' omen.....weird sh-- like this runs in my fam. Call me crazy

Ray also included the composite image below, saying, "Dio comes through from the other side during 1ST Last in Line show....during the song Last in line," and adding, "just above where the white lights are hitting the cann see ronnies eyes forhead and the outline of his curly hair."

Ghost of Dio

And if Ray hasn't yet convinced you Ronnie James Dio may be hovering over your head at any given moment, he posted something else to Facebook today -- seems while he was reading the Blabbermouth piece, the TV show 'My Name Is Earl' was on and ...

Guess what?? Earl goes in to a whole monolog about Joy being at a Ronnie James Dio concert! Im like...ARE YOU F---ING KIDDING ME!!?? What are the odds???!! Don't believe me? Channel 26 in Orange County NY about 8:00 AM. Check the episode...again just weird!

Whatever you say, dude.

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