New Jersey 101.5 video

EATONTOWN — A Monmouth County commuter's dashboard camera caught a road rage incident that unfolded Thursday morning on his way to work.

Henry Meehan, 31, said he was driving north on Wyckoff Road toward the Monmouth Mall when a white pickup truck cut him off, illegally passed two other vehicles and appeared to “try to cause an accident.”

The video shows the pickup truck slam the brakes in front of a dark SUV. That in turn causes the SUV to burn the rubber on its tires in order to avoid rear-ending the vehicle.

The incident happened along Wyckoff between the Route 18 overpass and Grant Avenue, onto which the pickup makes a left turn.

Meehan said he called 911 after witnessing the incident and later submitted a copy of the video to Eatontown police.

A spokeswoman for the police department did not immediately return a request for comment Thursday.

Meehan remembers seeing the pickup truck and the SUV approaching through his rearview mirror.

“Everything seemed fine,” he said. “I didn’t see anything that would make somebody go into some sort of rage.”

Meehan said he installed a dashcam in his car on the recommendation of his insurance company after a recent accident in which another driver ran a red light and struck his car.

Last week, a similar car dashcam captured an NJ Transit bus going the wrong way on a Garden State Parkway exit ramp. As a result of New Jersey 101.5 publishing the video, the driver of that bus was pulled from the road as NJ Transit investigates.

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