The Seeing Eye is a dog-training organization that breeds and raises dogs to guide blind and visually impaired people. On June 24th, one of their puppies, a German Shepherd named Ondrea, ran away from its volunteer raiser, and hasn't been seen since.

The Seeing Eye is offering the largest reward in its 90-year history for information leading to the safe return of Ondrea. The initial reward was $500, but Seeing Eye has raised the amount to $5,000.

Right now, the group is hoping there is nothing sinister about the disappearance, and hope the dog was just taken in by someone who doesn't realize there is a search going on. They have set up feeding stations, and searched with night-vision cameras, but haven't been able to find Ondrea.

Anyone with information about Ondrea’s whereabouts is asked to call a tip line at 973-525-1084.

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