Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized here in Jersey, the business has been booming.

I can't drive too far in any direction without seeing a neon-lit sign for a dispensary.

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I've said it before but I'm all for the legalization of weed.

I don't partake myself, it's not really my thing but if I'm able to throw back a few cold ones after a long week, why shouldn't someone else be able to light up instead?

It just makes sense if you ask me.

Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash
Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

Recently, I've noticed a trend of dispensaries opening up in former restaurant locations.

The other week I told you about the dispensary that was taking over an old diner in Mount Laurel.

It looks like the trend will continue too near the Jersey Shore as one town has just approved its very first recreational dispensary.

And again, it's going to set up shop in a once popular place to grab a bite to eat.

Although there's no opening date, the dispensary says they'll be open from 10 AM to 8 PM and will be able to hold up to twelve customers at a time.

Photo by Budding . on Unsplash
Photo by Budding . on Unsplash

What NJ Town Is Getting Its First Dispensary And What Restaurant Will It Take Over?

Before the dispensary can open, it will have to change its name which is currently listed as the Red Bank Fire Company LLC.

It's kind of funny when you think it's a smoke shop, but an understandable request from the township.

Red Bank, by the way, is the town in question that just approved its first recreational marijuana dispensary to open.

The plan is that it'll be opened in a former Chinese Restaurant.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

China Moon which was located at 22 Bridge Avenue in Red Bank will soon be home to the town's first recreational dispensary, according to APP.

It'll be in the same shopping center as Crate Liquors, and Windmill in Red Bank.

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