When you think of Raceway Park, you probably think of drag racing. Whether it was quarter-mile or eighth-mile, whether you were racing or watching your friends, or maybe doing a ride-along like I did, you associate Raceway Park with dragging.

Now, that chapter in Raceway Park's history is over.

In a press release, the Napp family, owners of Raceway Park, announced a reorganization of the business operations. Drag racing will be eliminated effective immediately. The 'stadium' will remain, including the hospitality tower and grandstands. Other events like swap meets, car shows, motocross racing and practice, kart racing, drifting, road course activities, mud runs, monster truck shows, concerts and festivals will still be part of Raceway Park's schedule.

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I'm not a racer, but I have a lot of friends who have taken their cars to drag, and doing the ride-along was one of the most fun things I've done since working at the Hawk.

What are your favorite memories of Raceway Park?

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