I'm sure Aaron Rodgers just brought himself some attention with what he said on a Podcast this week.

On the "You Made It Weird" Podcast yesterday with Pete Holmes, Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers INSISTS he saw a UFO back in 2005 when he was on a trip to New York while playing for Cal University.

He said he and a teammate heard sirens and went outside.

On the podcast Rodgers says, "It was a large orange, left-to-right-moving object," he adds "Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, you couldn’t make out — it was behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large, moving from left to right. It was me, Steve and his brother that saw it. And it goes out of sight and we look at each other and go, ‘What in the f*** was that?'”

You can read more from the podcast, or listen to the full two-hour podcast (the UFO talk picks up around the 14 minute mark)

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