A few weeks ago, we talked about a guy who started a business where people pay him $10 to send people potatoes with messages written on them with sharpies.  He just started the business back in May and said he was making about $10,000 a month off of his new endeavor.

While we were on vacation, Matt in Spring Hill, Tenn. decided that we needed a potato, so he went to PotatoParcel.com, ordered it up and had it sent our way.  And since we're such huge fans of Canadian music legend Stompin' Tom, he asked that the message be from Tom Himself.

The potato seemed a little mushy since it sat in our mailbox for a week, but that didn't stop Producer Joe from sampling its splendor.  Check out the video below.  The crunchy sound is incredible!

Thanks for thinking of us, Matt!

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