Almost 6 in 10 New Jerseyans support legalizing the possession and use of marijuana in the state, according to a new Rutgers/Eagleton poll.

Poll Director Ashley Koning says most New Jersey residents are fully on board with not only marijuana legalization, but also clearing past records of individuals for small amounts of possession, and of course, taxation and regulation of the product.

"Large majorities also believe that legalization will also help the state's economy, especially those areas in the state with high marijuana arrest rates," she said.

About 58 percent in the poll support legalizing marijuana, at least strongly or somewhat strongly. And 79 percent believe individuals penalized in the past should get their records clear.

Some other poll results:

— 64 percent say they would not be bothered if a marijuana-related business opened up in their town.

— 64 percent think that selling and taxing of marijuana would help the economy.

— 45 percent believe that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

— 12 percent say that marijuana is more harmful than marijuana.

Koning says "people are a little more mixed, whether or not marijuana would lead to more opioid usage."

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