Is the truth really out there? Are we alone in the Universe? Perhaps the truth is closer than we think, as police say they found an unusual device in the middle of a wooded area in New Jersey. But is this mystery contraption of extraterrestrial origin? New Jersey police shared their strange encounter to Facebook, and it's got some people talking. Or maybe just really laughing.

New Jersey State Park Police said they came upon something called a "UFO Detector Site" in Wharton State Forest in Tabernacle Township. Not knowing what exactly it was they were looking at, both a detective unit and a K-9 unit proceeded with caution until it was determined to be safe to investigate. Had they really made the discovery of lifetime and somehow stumbled upon alien technology right here in the Northeast?

This poses a few questions. 1) What was it, and how long had it been there? 2) Was this device really constructed by extrateraisils from a far away world? Well, if it was really aliens, then they were probably some of the more backwards in the galaxy for this instrument was just some headphone wires plugged into a block of wood and a soap can. NBC says that police were luckily able to disarm the device by just simply pulling out the headphone wires.

NJ Park Police thanked whoever it was for the heads up, but asked everyone not to leave weird things like this in the middle of the woods.

Although human kind and the visitors to New Jersey's State Parks appreciate an extra-terrestrial warning device like this, we should not be finding them in our State Parks.

Both New York and New Jersey have been hotbeds for UFO reports for many years. But the sightings keep going up, according to witnesses. According to the National UFO reporting Center, New York is fifth in the nation. In 2020, California was first with 10,053 reports. Florida is second (5,631), then Washington (4,176), and Texas (3,739). New York is right behind, with 3,678 reports of UFO-related events. And while some may point to the pandemic as being part of the cause for these claims.

According to the database, the latest sighting from the Hudson Valley was reported March 25 in White Plains, when the witness claims they saw a dark, cylinder shaped object with no lights that made no noise moving in a northeast direction. After all, our part of the state has quite the history when it comes to UFO reports. Have you ever had an encounter you can't explain?

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